Murray Crays new rules

02 MAY 2013

New fishing rules for Murray crayfish this season

Murray Spiny CrayfishThe Victorian Government has introduced tighter fishing regulations to protect stocks of Murray spiny freshwater crayfish this year.

A 12-month Fisheries Notice has aligned Victorian regulations governing the take of Murray spiny freshwater crayfish with New South Wales.

New South Wales recently changed its regulations to replenish stocks of the Murray spiny crayfish, which has been left potentially vulnerable as a result of blackwater events caused by flooding.

The Victorian Government appreciates that the new rules may inconvenience some fishers who had planned to fish for Murray crayfish in the Goulburn and other Victorian creeks and rivers this season.

However, these changes are necessary to protect Victorian stocks of Murray freshwater spiny crayfish in the short-term.

Key elements of the new Victorian regulations include:

  • changing the opening of the fishing season from 1 May to 1 June to protect prespawning
  • females;
  • increasing the minimum size limit (from the rear of the eye socket to the centre rear of the carapace) for spiny freshwater crayfish from 9 centimetres to 10 centimetres and introducing a maximum size limit of 12 centimetres, to ensure all females reach sexual maturity and very large crayfish can continue to exist within the population;
  • reducing the daily bag limit for Murray crayfish from five to two; and
  • reducing the possession limit from five to four.

The new Murray crayfish fishing rules are effective immediately.

Fishers must ensure they know the new rules before heading out fishing this Murray crayfish season, as Fisheries officers will be out in force to ensure the new rules are being followed.

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