Southern Peninsula Angling Fishing Club is a family friendly club that encourages and practices responsible fishing. It is opened to people of all ages.

We are different from many clubs in that our competitions are held over a range of different times, from a day, to 1month, to 3 months for the snapper competition, depending on the time of year and the competition. There are also ongoing prizes that go for the whole year.

Entries to our competitions are based on fish length, not weight, leaving the fish to be released or taken for the table, at your choice.

Photo entries are taken on a brag mat and captured in TeamApp for the  weigh-master to check.

We use extensively TeamApp for all our communications

We also run facebook and instagram, allowing all club members to participate, share and comment on their experiences.

All funds raised are returned to the club members in the form of prizes, gift certificates and subsidised charter boat.

We have a range of away trips, social event, local events as well as shore based and offshore based opportunities to enter into the competitions.

Please take the time to explore our site and our social network sites and come along to our meetings.

The club meets on the first Monday of every month (except January) 6:30 pm, at the Rye Hotel, Blue Room, 2415 Point Nepean Rd, Rye VIC 3941. Members often have a meal before the meeting.

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