About Us

SPAC  is a family oriented club made of people who love to fish and share their ideas and good company.

The SPAC was founded by Phil Gannon in the early 1990’s and currently boasts about 60 members.

With some strong fundraising and excellent support from our sponsors, we are financially stable.

We have a committee which are voted in at the AGM after the end of each season that runs from 1st of May to 30th of April. The current committee comprise of:

President – Karl Nicholls

Vice President – Jeff Ploughman

Secretary – Josephine Ploughman

Weighmaster –  Ben Broomfield

Treasurer – Mark Chapple

Team App Support/Web – Alain Gaspard

General Officers – Vince Clark,  Greg Bignell

We also have various Guest Speakers throughout the year giving informative talks on Water Safety, various types of bait, tackle and rigs targeting Snapper, Whiting, Salmon, Gummy Shark.

Potential members are welcome to attend 3 General Meetings to assess whether they would like to join the club.

Upon joining you will be created in TeamApp giving you all the information that you need for the meetings, competitions, etc

The SPAC is a great place to be and inexpensive to join with members receiving great discounts from our sponsors.  These Sponsors donate prizes every month for our monthly General Meeting raffle. 


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