A season usually consists of multiple competitions. These range from open surf, to weekends away and to species based competitions that span a number of weeks. All competitions are all completely optional.  Members are not in any way compelled to enter any competitions but still free to come along and fish with us.

Competitions are judged on the length of fish, rather than weight and generally go for extended periods of time. Photos are taken of the catch, measured on a fish-mat (with member id) and the photos are then uploaded on TeamApp then evaluated by the weigh-master, allowing species to be released if required or preferred eg large snapper, dusky flathead, large bream. 

There are multi thousands of dollars worth of prizes for the club competitions.

Example of Competitions during the year (but not limited to):

  • June – Surf
  • July – Surf
  • August – Squid
  • September – Squid
  • October – Snapper
  • November – Snapper, Flathead
  • November – Port Welshpool weekend
  • December – Snapper, Flathead, Freshwater
  • January – Flathead, Kingfish, Fresh water and Lake Tyers trip
  • February – Whiting, Kinfish
  • March -Port Welshpool weekend
  • March – Kingfish, Whiting, Gummy Shark

Competition Rules

Measuring of Fish

  • The competition uses a digital photographic measurement technique. Fish will not be weighed for competition purposes.
  • The DEPI length to weight table will be used to estimate the weight if desired.
  • The photo of an entry fish, on commercially available brag mat, must be taken with date embedded and member card clearly visible; GPS data is preferred but not compulsory.
  • The brag mat scale must be clearly readable.
  • The photo must show entire length of fish with nose against brag mat stop end and tail fork clearly visible ie tail expanded, fanned out not closed up.
  • The fish length measured is the fork length – nose to V of the tail.
  • The Weighmaster determines the length of the fish by photo enlargement for accuracy – accurate to the half cm and records the entries in the competition record book.
  • The Weighmaster’s decision is final. Lengths are checked by the Secretary or other appointed person and the consensus length is the length accepted.


  • Competitions are created in TeamAp as an event, it defines the length of the competition, target species, prizes and other rules. Refer to Competitions in TeamApp to see all the competitions (only current members can view)
  • Photo is to be uploaded on TeamApp preferably or sent to the Weigh-master by text or email.
  • Weigh master  will acknowledge receipt of photo by return text or email or if physically presented to the Weigh-master by printed competition entry record.
  • If the Weigh-master determines the photo is not clear or is not eligible for entry then a return text, email or verbal communication will occur requesting a valid photographic entry.
  • The Weigh-master will inform the competitor of the measured length of the entry by text message, email or printed competition entry record.
  • All photos will be recorded in TeamApp


  • All prizes will be determined by the committee.



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