Day 1 of Fish with a member


The day started well with Mark, Brendan and Mark Chapple (fishing mate) and myself heading out from Sorrento at 6:00am

Over to get some slimeys for live bait to tackle the Kingfish which were massing outside the heads.

Teamed up with Johnny Richardson and his mate in their boat and my nephew with his nephew in another boat.

Slimeys were a bit scarce but we got 20 for baitday1

Then for the heads – what a magnificent calm morning – plenty of boats out trying.

Trolled the livies for a while then jigged on some soundings – not much luck but pulled in a nice leatherjacket (foul hooked on a blade jig) and two nice clean barracuda.

Still have slimeys for tomorrow and some squid

Will tackle the dreaded rectangle for squid and whiting just to stay within comp regulations!

My nephew got smoked by something large, lost his downrigger ball and the fish.

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